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At Aviation Certification Consultant, we offer comprehensive consulting services tailored to the unique needs of aviation companies. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of FAA regulations and procedures enable us to guide clients through the complex certification process. Whether it's obtaining new certifications, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, we provide expert guidance and support.

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14 CFR Part 135 Air Taxi Certification

Aviation Certification Consultant assists applicants with navigating the Part 135 certification process, which consists of five phases and three gates.

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14 CRF Part 141 Flight School Certification

Aviation Certification Consultant provides guidance to Title 14 CFR Part 141 pilot school applicants.

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14 CFR Part 91 Flight Departments

Aviation Certification Consultant assists with understanding Part 14 CFR Part 91 requirements and regulations.


  • John, who is highly experienced in aviation management endorsed Aviation Certification Consultant

  • Glori, who strongly recommends that you get consulting services at Aviation Certification Consultant. I witness Vincenzo supervising Pilots, Pilot Instructors, and other employees. He is easy to talk to and has a lot of knowledge and experience in and out of his field (aviation consulting)

  • Marc, who is a 14 CFR part 91 operator endorsed Aviation Certification Consultant.

  • Rob, CEO of an automation company who owns and operates a part 91 aviation department

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